●Overview and Objectives

The department of tourism and leisure prepares individuals (students) for the intermediate-level managerial and professional technical talents in the tourism and leisure industry. During the program students will learn how to cultivate the catering and hospitality management, leisure and tourism management and conduct the practical courses either in the current and/or a future career development.



●Course Module

The course module includes Catering and Hospitality Management & Leisure and Tourism Management.




Catering service and lodging business management, Leisure activities and recreation resources management.



●Occupational Specialties

Catering and hospitality:
Food and beverage management, hotel management

Leisure and tourism: Tourism management, leisure and recreation management.


●Educational Goals

Students will engage in proficiency in practical operation, understanding management skills, having correct attitudes that line up with their career goals. This might include doing practical internship in the tourism industry field.


●Employment Opportunities
Students graduate from our department of tourism and leisure management will hold positions similar to the following:

Catering and hospitality
1. Food and beverage captain/ manager
2. Restaurant/ hotel manager
3. Food hygiene administrator

Leisure and tourism
1. Tour guide, tour conductor, agency manager
2. Conference center manager
3. Professional recreation manager