Accounting Office

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Responsibility and service


  • Auditing and compiling the university’s annual budget.
  • Controlling and implementing the university budget.
  • Reviewing and controlling research projects commissioned by government agencies and the private sector, as well as subsidies and donations.
  • Maintaining the Budget Management Information System and printing relevant statements.
  • Checking the procedures of procurement and repair work.


  • Recording, posting, and filing vouchers, and finally completing the accounting cycle.
  • Preparing various financial statements.
  • Completing final accounting reports.
  • Checking property accounts.
  • Printing and storing receipts


  • Controlling the utilization of the annual University Fund and oversees expenditure invoices in accordance with relevant laws and internal examination procedures.
  • Oversees bidding and procurements, customizations, sales and maintenance of construction projects are all insured to abide by the Government Procurement law and relevant regulations.
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